What is FRASS ?

I had this great new product introduced to me while in the USA vegan insect frass .

It’s a naturally occurring by-product and totally organic, here’s an excerpt from the Wikipedia website.

Insect Frass

Frass is the fine powdery material phytophagous (plant-eating) insects pass as waste after digesting plant parts.[1] It causes plants to excrete chitinase due to high chitin levels, it is a natural bloom stimulant, and has high nutrient levels. Frass is known to have abundantamoeba, beneficial bacteria, and fungi content. Frass is a microbial inoculant, also known as a soil inoculant, that promotes plant health using beneficial microbes. It is a large nutrient contributor to the rainforest, and it can often be seen in leaf mines.

This is an essential part of our mix.  It stimulates, creates and maintains a healthy root zone and biosphere in your soil!  We LOVE it!