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Vietnam Black x OG x Bubba

Name – Vietnam OG
Genetics – (Vietnam Black x Platinum Bubba) x Fire OG
Indica / Sativa – 70/30
Harvest – 9 to 10 weeks / End Oct.
Stature – Medium / Stout

Part of the Vietnam OG was given to us by the late MC One.  A truly great and inspiring person.  This was one of the things he left behind for us, so we honor him with this special Limited Edition release!  RIP my friend and all proceeds of this strain are going to his family.

We got the Vietnam Black x Platinum Bubba stock from MC One and then crossed it with our Fire OG male resulting in the Vietnam OG.  It is a hearty grower and has more stretch than your average Bubba.  Expect to see similar physical characteristics across phenotypes, with slight variations in structure.  The smoke is a 3 hit quit rule of thumb…after 3 tokes you are for sure GOOD!  This one is ULTRA STRONG!!

For sure one of our favorites and ALWAYS in the head-stash collection!!