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Emerald OG

Name – Emerald OG
Genetics – (Emerald Diesel x vip Fire OG dad) x Fire OG
Indica / Sativa – 80/20
Harvest – 8 to 9 weeks / End Oct.
Stature – Tall / Stout

Our infamous Emerald OG, finally available in seed form (f6).  Stable and ready to go!  We have used this in various crosses in various banks…now you can finally taste this classic in its unique pure form.

We got the Fire OG male stock from Dr Frost a few years back and then crossed it with our Emerald Diesel resulting in the DieselFire, which we then back crossed again with the male Fire OG for taste and terpine enhancement to make the Emerald OG.

It is a very hearty grower and has more stretch than your average Og or Sour Diesel.  Expect to see similar physical characteristics across phenotypes, with slight variations in smell.  The smoke is ultra heady…once you try this one you will want to run it forever.  Does exceptionally well outdoors…check our Facebook page for some pictures fans submitted to us of 4 to 5 lb Emerald OG bushes!!

For sure one of our favorites and ALWAYS in the head-stash collection!!