Dr Frost

Hailing from Southern California, Dr Frost has over 15 years breeding experience alongside the likes of fellow Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley breeders.

Dr Frost’s seeds are only available in regular form right now.

Aphrodite – (Sweet Afghani x Black Domina) x (Chem Dawg x Diesel) x Fire OG

Alien Cocktails – (Sour Diesel x Jack 22) x (The White x Fire OG)

Blue Ambien – (Blue Dream x Fire OG) x (Alien Tek x Chem Dawg)

Emerald Jackpot – (Emerald Diesel x Sour Alien) x (Sour Diesel x Jack 22) x Sour Alien

Freight Train – (The White x Fire OG) x (Sour Diesel x Jack 22) x Arcata Trainwreck

Frosty Diesel Dawg – Sour Diesel x Chem Dawg

Frosty Dawg – (Chem Dawg x Diesel) x Chem 4

Nuclear Reactor – (Chem Dawg x Diesel) x (Blockhead x Chem 4)

Sour Face Alien – Sour Aliens x Fire OG

Space Wreck – Sour Alien x Arcata Trainwreck

Sour Space Wreck – (Sour Diesel x Jack 22) x (Sour Alien x Arcata Trainwreck)

Super Sour Jacks – (Sour Diesel x Jack 22) x(Sour Alien)

Block 4 –   Blockhead x Chem 4