What is FRASS ?

I had this great new product introduced to me while in the USA vegan insect frass . It’s a naturally occurring by-product and totally organic, here’s an excerpt from the Wikipedia website. Frass is the fine powdery material phytophagous (plant-eating) insects pass as waste after digesting plant parts.[1] It causes plants to excrete chitinase due to high chitin levels, it is […]

Emerald OG

We have been running / developing the Emerald OG for about 5 years now.  3 years ago we let a few clones go in the Humboldt and Mendo areas to local friends and growers. Right now we have regulars in F6 aswell as a new feminized line out in S1 form. Emerald OG The original […]

Ras Truth – The low down on dirt

Our good friend and fellow breeder published an article earlier this year that we find most interesting! Please have a read at what we find to be the most usefull article of 2012. Thank you Ras Truth of Emerald Mountain Seeds!! The low down on dirt… The nitty gritty on what the hydroponics industry doesn’t […]


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